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Seminar Descriptions
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Here's a recap of our 2019 seminars. Stay tuned for our 2020 lineup this summer!

How to Better Utilize Facebook and Instagram to Drive Business – Dan Morgan, Facebook Small Business Council Member & CMO Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

Over 2 billion people are on Facebook and Instagram, but in addition to being able to reach those people, you’re able to reach people specific to your business. You can use information people put on their profiles to help build your target audiences. It is precision targeting at work. Changing consumer behavior should shape where you spend your marketing dollars.

We’ll look at Facebook and Instagram:
• New Products
• Changes to Groups and Communities
• Conversion Pixels
• Apps
• Stories
• Continuing education: With more than 90 eLearning courses, Facebook Blueprint helps you learn the skills to move your business forward.

How a brand’s direct-to-consumer strategies work and Specialty Retail Best Practices – Rich Hill, President, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

The Marlboro Man is dead. Individualized and customized direct marketing is our reality, but loyalty is still the metric that matters. How do we understand the value that each channel delivers in building customer loyalty? We’ll look at the realities and myths of DTC and the significant value of independent specialty retail

Podcast Masterclass: How to Start a Podcast for Your Brand – Chad Alderson and Nick Hanna,

In this presentation the guys from The Fly Fishing Podcast will take you step-by-step through starting and running a professional  podcast for your brand. In just an hour you will learn how to choose which style of show you want to produce, what type of topics to cover, equipment and where to find it, how to pick a podcast host, where to source intro music, how to book guests, how to edit your episodes, how to launch your first episode and how to promote your show.

How the Industry is Stepping Up to #kickplastic – Moderated by Lia Colabello, Costa

An in-depth panel discussion lead by Lia Colabello featuring industry best practices and what people are doing every day to #kickplastic in their businesses. Every year, we use millions of tons of plastic just once, before throwing it away – and far too much of it ends up in our oceans. Join us as we talk shop about how the fly fishing industry is incorporating #kickplastic in their operations, and discuss why kicking plastic is important for both purpose and profit.

Test your fish knowledge for fame and prizes! – Moderated by Sascha and Andy Danylchuk

Put your knowledge of fish to the test. Come join a gameshow-style competition on fish biology, ecology, and best handling practices. Learn something new, help others learn, and maybe win a prize.

Lunch & Learn: Build & Drive Your Brand Online without Breaking the Bank – Townsquare Media Ignite

Learn how to easily get online, get found, and attract the right customers with Townsquare Media Ignite. Using data-driven technology, proven tactics and top online talent, you can reach your right audience. Townsquare Media Ignite will teach you how a small to medium size business can afford to target customers who have demonstrated intent to work with you by creating your first store location – your website, being found in web searches and how to drive customer traffic to your website early in their purchase process. Gain instant credibility, customers, and increased sales.

Diversity and Inclusion on the Water – Moderated by Joel R. Johnson, owner of Admirable Devil, former CMO Trout Unlimited

Diversity on the water is increasing AND decreasing—What gives? And why does it matter? As a brand, guide, or nonprofit that relies on selling to and engaging the angling population, what does understanding diversity and inclusion have to offer? This panel will ask and address frank questions about race, gender, and identity that impact the choices and behavior of anglers when participating in our sport –from learning to fly fish to booking a guide. We’ll share stories, experiences, and examples of the opportunities that arise from acknowledging race and gender on the water, and working toward equitable participation. And we’ll hear learnings and observations from practical real-world efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the sport from influential and diverse outdoor leaders.

Stepping Up for Sustainable Saltwater Fisheries: How the Fly Fishing Industry Can Help – Panel discussion moderated by Regan Nelson, AFFTA Conservation Director

Join expert panelists in discussions about marine fisheries issues including AFFTA conservation work, MSA reauthorization, saving striped bass, the Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and the Fisheries Fund. If time allows, we will show Tomorrow’sFish at the end of the panel.

Regan Nelson, AFFTA Conservation Director – overview of AFFTA’s marine conservation work (and panel facilitator)
Lucas Bissett, Low Tide Charters/AFFTA Board Member – engaging in re-authorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act
John McMurray, American Saltwater Guides Association – what is needed to save striped bass – getting engaged
Doug Kilpatrick, Lower Keys Guide Association – overview of Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary DEIS and recommendations for comment
Tom Melvin, Chair of AFFTA Fisheries Fund – overview of AFFTA’s Fisheries Fund work and how to contribute 

Sustainable Business Panel Discussion – Moderated by Rick Crawford, Emerger Strategies

Join Emerger Strategies President and The Sustainable Angler podcast host, Rick Crawford, as he moderates a panel discussion about  how some companies are using their businesses to fight climate change and have discovered that implementing sustainable business practices such as going zero waste to landfill and carbon neutral are not only improving their environmental performance, but is also good for their economic bottom line. The intent of the panel discussion is to educate and create more awareness about sustainability, and inspire AFFTA members to take action. 

Corinne Doctor, Owner, RepYourWater
Oliver White, Owner, Abaco & Bair’s Lodges
Steve Hemkens, VP, Orvis Fly Fishing
Dr. Andy Danylchuk, Professor of Fish Conservation University of Massuchusetts – Amherst

Buying or Selling your Business? It’s about value! – John Bonati and Roger Kleckner, Ascent Sales Advisors

Investment Sales Analysis is a due diligence process of understanding a company’s strengths or weaknesses prior to investment or sale.  Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis (ISA) service provides an in-depth evaluation of 16 key sales drivers to determine current sales infrastructure, and identify the business’s buy-cycle stage based on actual revenue. 

Investment Sales Analysis is used by VC and Private Equity firms as they evaluate the company’s they buy and sell.  You can use the same tools!  ISA’s 16 step analysis will give you the critical information you need to prepare to get the maximum value in the sale of your business or the correct value of the business you want to purchase.  John Bonati and Roger Kleckner from Denver based Ascent Sales Advisors each have over 25 years of sales leadership experience to draw upon as they help you understand how you can use ISA to maximize your transaction.

Managing Your Fly Open to Buy – Tim Daughton, Orvis

Building and leveraging an open to buy system to manage flies can feel like a daunting task.  Orvis manages 70+ open to buy models for each of its corporate retail locations to monitor over a million dollars at cost in fly inventory.  During this seminar, we will discuss in detail the steps to build a basic open to buy model for your fly business including defining key performance metrics like GMROI and turn.  Examples from several key retailer of their best practices will also be presented to give you multiple options to consider and select the one that is right for your business.

How best-in-class HR Solutions can drive your success – Sean Branon, Insperity HR solutions

Join Sean Branon and discover how the right HR solution will lighten your load. Insperity will meet you where you are in your business lifecycle helping you to minimize your risk and maximize your talent. You maintain control over your workforce and operations. We handle most of your employee related responsibilities, saving you time and helping you to contain costs.

Catch Rate Variability of UV-Reflective Fishing Lures Among Near Shore Coastal Predatory Fish – Bob Sousa, Ret. USFWS

This seminar will discuss a study comparing coastal predator catch rates of UV enhanced Clouser Minnow flies (chartreuse/white) that were dressed on UV color coated hooks. During the 32 day study 5 fluorescent colors (White, Pink, Red, Orange and Chartreuse) were compared with a traditional black hook. Each color was used 20 times with each time (replicate) representing 10 fish caught or one hour, whichever came first. Angling more than 5100 minutes and catching 1024 fish among 13 different species (890 spotted seatrout). Catch rates varied among the hook color from about 4 minutes per fish to almost 7 minutes. Attend this seminar and find out which color was consistently and significantly the best!

How to Make Travel a Profit Generator – Jim Klug & Tom Melvin, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, and Tucker Ladd, Trouts Fly Fishing

A program designed for the specialty fly shop, this seminar will explore and identify the ways that destination travel offerings and affiliations can boost your bottom line and add to retail sales. The discussion will explore the pros and cons of offering destination travel or hosted trips to your retail customers, as well as issues such as liability, effective travel marketing, and ways to expand product sales based on different destinations. Join Yellow Dog founder and director Jim Klug, AFFTA board member and Yellow Dog sales manager Tom Melvin, and Trouts Fly Fishing owner Tucker Ladd, for an in depth discussion on the benefits, realities and challenges of offering travel through your shop and outfitting service.

Training Your Staff & Guides: Best Practices – John Cochran, Senior Staff Advisor, Vail Valley Anglers

No matter the size of your fly shop operation, it is highly beneficial to establish a training program for your staff and guides.  Creating a way for customers to leave feedback is also a way to gain valuable insight into the process.  Consistency in service and message will support your brand, elevate your operation against your competitors, and really help your business grow.  Learn how to establish these programs and how to make your business a magnet for customers.  Learn more about the programs that I have developed and deployed over the years to excel in a hyper-competitive business environment.