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Corinne Doctor
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Corinne was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado in a typical outdoorsy family from the western US. They spent summers hiking and camping which helped form an appreciation for wildlife, wild places and the environment from a very young age. Fly fishing didn’t enter her life until her college years when her then boyfriend, now husband and fellow RepYourWater business founder/owner, asked her to go on a fly fishing date with him. He has always been an obsessed angler, Corinne says, and was a patient teacher so it was easy for her to fall in love with the sport as well.

They jointly established RepYourWater in 2011 while she was teaching high school Spanish full time and running the operational side of the business on the side. For over three years now, RepYourWater has been a full time career for Corinne as she manages all of the accounting, operations, inventory, conservation partnerships and more.

From the beginning, she says, it was very important that RepYourWater wasn’t just an apparel company to sell clothes but to stand for something important and use its platform for good. She quickly started making connections on the conservation side of the angling community that matched our regional designs. Starting with Colorado Trout Unlimited, they established their first Conservation Partner and the list has grown as their product line has as well. The business has donated over $200K to conservation over the years and their goal is to have donated $250 by the end of 2020, a goal they now see as well-within reach.

“I have flown to Washington DC thanks to connections made with our conservation partnerships to speak with my Colorado representatives on the importance of public land access and keeping the clean water act intact. It is very important for me to be able to use my own voice and our business platform to speak up for what matters for our planet and industry.”

Another passion that has crossed over from her personal life to her business life is sustainability and reducing our impact as humans. At the office and warehouse, as well as at their home, they offset greenhouse gas emissions and divert over 95% of their waste from landfill. Through recycling, reusing, upcycling, reducing waste and composting they are able to make a huge dent in the amount of waste produced as a business.

Corinne’s passion for the sport of fly fishing, the business side of the industry and conservation of the land and water that we need to recreate is why she is hoping to be elected to the board of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. She believes that her experience both in and outside of the industry gives her a unique perspective and voice that should be heard more in fly fishing. Her more recent experience with reducing impact and researching sustainable alternatives for products, packaging, energy and the like needs to be shared with other manufacturers, shops and operations in the industry. She also believes that we in the fly fishing industry need to be the leaders in sustainability and set the standard for those around us both in business and in our personal lives.